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Training On FRSs 会计准则("FRSs")培训

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Training on FRSsThere are many changes in the FRSs to-date. However, certain SMEs and companies may not have the resources to provide the correct training to the financial persons in the company to upgrade their skills on the preparation of financial statements. We are here to bridge the gap to ensure your finance personnel are updated with the current changes in FRSs.


Training On Audit Assurance 审计培训

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There are many changes in the FRSs and Singapore Standards on Auditing (“SSA”) to-date.Auditing Singapore
However, certain small CPA firms may not have the resources to provide trainings to their audit staff to improve on audit efficiency and be risk-focused so that to provide more value-added services to clients. We are here to bridge the gap to ensure your audit staff is equipped with the training on audit documentation considering the requirements on SSA and FRSs.

一般的小型会计师事务所都没设内部审计技术培训部。但是FRSs 和新加坡审计准则("SSA")有许多更新后的准则。为了让小型会计师事务所能提高其专业审计人员的工作效率和风险測重点,我们为小型会计师事务所提供高水平及增值的专业审计人员培训服务以确保审计人员对SSA和 FRSs有充分的了解。

Website Write-Up And Design 网站撰写与设计

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Audit and Tax SingaporeTo keep in steps with the sophistication of technology in today's world, business is carried out with just a click on the internet. The power of a website is undeniably important for people who like to save time and cost in advertising and at the same time have a fair market share of the global business. Proper wordings and designs of the websites are tantamount to a powerful business antenna that receives the best reception and response. Graphic and animated designs are captivating with persuasive wordings.

Fti provides your business with abundant ideas from website writings, design and marketing to reach every nook and corner of the global business environment.


Fti为您提供丰富的抅思,从网站撰写、 设计到市场营销,以让您的业务伸展到全球商业环境的每一角落。